The new Etro boutique

Atlanta, USA

March 25, 2024

In 2023 Contract created a boutique for Etro, the Italian fashion house famous for its paisley motifs and colorful textures, in Atlanta (USA). Positioned in an upmarket shopping area, the Etro store translates the brand’s essence into a space that recalls its iconic approach to luxury through unexpected details, such as its velvet-clad dressing room blocks.

In order to enhance Etro’s collections, we sought to strike a balance between clean lines and natural tones in our choice of furnishing accessories for the shop’s interior. By combining different fabrics, such as velvet and Alcantara, we were able to create a space in which minimalism and luxury best express the values of this historic brand.

In the Etro boutique, luxury is revealed through new details and innovative workmanship. Like wood veneer on a metal support: a fascinating technique which is quite uncommon.

All the marble chosen to furnish the space — Roman travertine, Rosa Portugal, and Cappuccino onyx — was transported from Italy by ship before being carefully sculpted on site by our expert craftsmen. The marble shelves were painstakingly fashioned into very thin slabs in order to make them as light as possible.

Marble, metal, wood, glass, fabric, LEDs and aluminum: the boutique’s counters are characterized by different materials that are combined through the use of innovative interlocking solutions. Complex processes are enclosed within the simple and linear appearance of the resulting furnishing accessories.

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