Between Spaces and Matter

Contract's projects in a book

May 28, 2024

To celebrate 33 years of activity as a general contractor, we have put together a volume of some of the most important projects along our journey, in order to bring together and recount our work: Between Spaces and Matter. The leitmotif of this project represents the consolidated relationship between spaces and matter that not only distinguishes Contract’s approach, but which defines us as a company.

Between Spaces and Matter is at the heart of our method. Between an idea and its creation, we interpret the dialogue between designers and artisans to create unique spaces.

Since 1991, Contract has completed more than 12,000 projects in various sectors: in addition to the retail, hospitality and residential markets, the volume contains designs developed for a range of companies, on a journey that unfolds across four continents.

As well as the visual and textual narration of the projects, we have given space to our everyday activities and processes: briefings, feasibility studies, executive designs, prototyping, material sampling, construction and quality control are recounted with simplicity and the will to share a part of our work.

The book is also available in a digital version.

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