Between Spaces and Matter

In the creation of interior design projects that have a unique character, we are the interpreters of a harmonious dialogue between designers and craftsmen, between spaces and matter. We create opportunities to experiment with original and innovative solutions, while integrating customer requests into the process with awareness and responsibility.

Thanks to a consolidated network of contacts and executive offices, we have been coordinating specialized craftsmen all over the world, to create functional solutions that have a strong aesthetic impact. In an on-going search for quality, we create distinctive fittings for different sectors: retail, hospitality, and luxury.

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Offices & Museums
Private residences
Restaurant & Café

In the projects we carry out, professionalism, Italian craftsmanship, and the high quality of selected materials give life to interiors with a distinctive character.

Our processes

When carrying out each project, we use consolidated processes that allow us to guarantee timely responses to our customers around the world. Contract’s experience and approach is defined by simplification, as well as precise, innovative and qualitative choices.


The companies that have chosen to work with us

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Contract news: new challenges, new goals, and new international synergies.

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