Innovative and quality-focused choices of materials and the simplifying of processes define Contract’s experience and approach to striking a balance between spaces and matter.

CONTRACT process
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    Feasibility study
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    Sampling of materials
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    Quality control



Every project is founded on and developed through constant comparison. To best support the design ideas of architects and designers, briefings are essential to translating the initial concept into innovative choices, and in the search for more suitable and sustainable raw materials and construction systems. In this phase, Contract bridges the gap between ideas and their realization through a process of proactive listening, that places quality and experimentation at the center of its approach.

  • A     Active collaboration with architects and designers
  • B     Innovation and research
  • C     Know-how
  • D     Choice of raw materials and construction systems


Feasibility study

Feasibility studies are key to guaranteeing results that are true to the designer’s vision, in line with time and economic constraints, and that comply with high quality standards. By supporting those who design, we interpret and elaborate the best solutions while taking into consideration cost, quality and functionality of the processing methods. Studying the details of each design is the foundation upon which the entire production process is built.

  • A     Technical-economic analysis of the project
  • B     Consulting
  • C     Technical feasibility study
  • D     Cost estimation



Executive planning is the phase in which the architectural concept takes on a concrete form through effective planning of the production process. With thirty years of experience, we are able to guarantee high levels of control and the achievement of objectives with maximum efficiency. Working alongside the design team, furnishings and spaces are developed in detail through the elaboration of executive technical drawings.

  • A     Executive planning and sampling of materials
  • B     Definition of furnishings
  • C     Preparation of the executive technical drawings



We have about 10,000 square meters of space in which to create full-scale mock-ups of interiors. Creating prototypes is crucial because it allows the customer to experience the imagined space by exploring its proportions and the relationships between various parts, permitting them to experiment, immerse themselves in the atmosphere, and evaluate the performance of the chosen materials. The techniques and processing times regarding the creation of mock-ups are constantly evaluated in an on-going search for improvement.

  • A     Full-scale mock-ups
  • B     Product storage and assembly


Sampling of materials

The sampling of materials allows us to directly compare and evaluate raw materials and processes. It is the source of a flow of ideas between workers, architects, designers and clients that leads to innovative solutions. If experimentation and creativity are fundamental to our process, the carrying out of sampling allows a direct relationship with the material, the possibility of choosing finishes and understanding their characteristics and identities.

  • A     Italian craftsmanship and international soul
  • B     Artisanal know-how
  • C     Management requests from all over the world



To ensure that our projects are realized according required deadlines and regulations, we manage all stages of the production process, coordinating budgets, schedules, as well as administrative and operational needs. Our Made-in-Italy supply chain ensures high quality products, realized with expertise by highly experienced craftsmen. Our international network allows us to provide timely service all over the world, thanks to a widespread network of workers and collaborators.

  • A     Wall covering and furnishing assembly
  • B     Shipping and logistics
  • C     Administrative management


Quality control

Quality is at the heart of our approach to and choices regarding the project implementation process. The search for the most suitable materials and attention to detail in our processing are accompanied by verifications in each stage. In order to guarantee high quality standards, and to meet our clients’ requirements over time, we offer on-going assistance anywhere in the world.

  • A     On-site service and maintenance
  • B     Guaranteed maximum efficiency and professionalism
  • C     Operational, technical and commercial offices in Italy and France

General contractors. For more than thirty years, all over the world.

We combine Italian know-how with an international soul. Since its foundation in 1991, Contract has created tailor-made interior solutions and furnishings that, from the province of Treviso, have reached every continent.

Over the years, our network of artisans and collaborators has expanded, our approach to spaces has been enriched by new experiments, and our relationship with materials has evolved. Dialogue, the search for perfection, and attention to detail have become integral parts of our approach.

Our Mission

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