How to Achieve Sustainability in Interior Design

In the United States, there are 139.6 million tons of waste generated in landfills each year.
Sustainable design can and sustainable materials will reduce a lot of waste.
You can make a huge difference when you use more sustainable materials and are more conscious
of your waste.
Do you want to learn more about how you can incorporate sustainability methods in your interior
design for your retail stores? Keep reading this article for tips on creating a sustainable store. 

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Changing the type of lighting you use is a simple way to make your interior designs more
sustainable. Lighting technology is already in the midst of a monumental shift to solid-state
sources, a shift that continues to redefine lighting and related energy savings, and to open new
doors to improved understanding of how light affects human well-being and what functions and
services lighting can provide. At the same time, digitalization is driving change throughout the built
environment, impacting the initial design too.
You can also utilize natural lighting to stay energy efficient. Open curtains and blinds in your store
so you can save money on energy and light your store naturally. 
Considering these interior project solutions to make your retail store more efficient and eco-

Future lighting systems have the potential to be more energy efficient, flexible, and controllable,
improve our well-being and productivity, streamline maintenance and reduce negative
environmental impacts.

Find Renewable and Low Impact Materials

Another vital part of sustainability in interior design is using environmentally friendly materials. By
looking for renewable materials to use for your products you can make a difference. 
For example, a commonly used sustainable material is bamboo. Because bamboo grows back so
quickly, it is a more sustainable option compared to trees. It is also much easier to break down in
landfills, making it an even better option. 
There are many other reasons why bamboo is a sustainable material. It is easier to grow, requires
fewer chemicals to make, and more. 
Other sustainable materials you can use include recycled metal, reclaimed wood, and natural
fibers. Try reusing or recycling furniture and materials to give them new life in your storefront. 
Another new furnishing material that can be used to create sustainable designs is Acacia wood.
This is a long-lasting material that is made from fast-growing trees. These trees do not need any
fertilizer or pesticides, so they have a much smaller carbon footprint. 

Prioritize Waste Reduction

Limiting your waste production from your fashion store can help eliminate your carbon footprint.
As was mentioned before, there are millions of tons of waste that go to landfills each year. By
finding ways to prioritize waste reduction, you are doing your part. 
One way you can do this is by utilizing as much material as you can. If you have wood scraps left
over from a project, you can try to find other projects that will utilize them. In fact, there are many
easy ways you can use scrap or reclaimed wood in retail design. 
Another way you can prioritize waste reduction is by practicing minimalism in your designs.
Simply re-evaluate your designs and only purchase what you really need to make your store feel
more inviting. 

Use Long-Lasting Products

One common mistake in interior design is using low-quality products. Less expensive products are
made with cheaper materials and you will find that your decor and furniture will not last. They will
wear out quickly especially with frequent customer use.
While these products are easily accessible, they will not be durable and will likely end up in the
landfill within a few years. Instead, you can focus on buying high-quality products that will be long-
lasting. This will prevent materials and other products from getting discarded. 
When you are designing, you should also consider the wear and tear that will happen in your
store. If you choose your products based on longevity, you will be sure to eliminate waste and
even save money in the long run on your interior design. 

Consider Repurposed Decor

Using repurposed decor is another simple way to make your interior design sustainable. For
example, you can easily refurbish vintage furniture to give your commercial property a look of
timeless elegance. 

By buying old pieces of decor for your interior design, you can give them more life and prevent
them from going to the landfill. Consider refurbishing and repurposing furniture for each of your

Use Products With Certifications of Sustainability

One way that you can be sure that you are using sustainable materials is to see if they are certified
by organizations. Many organizations are dedicated to protecting the environment and conserving
resources and can help you find the best products for the earth. 
For example, FSC Certification comes from the Forest Stewardship Council. Finding wood furniture
and materials that have this certification, you will know that you are using ethically sourced wood
from responsibly managed forests.
In fact, FSC certification shows you that these products provide benefits to the environment,
economy, and more. 

See How Sustainable Furniture Can Improve Your Sustainability Today

When you are looking to improve the sustainability of your interior design for your company,
there are many small changes that you can make to achieve this. By following each of these
interior design tips, you can find ways to create more sustainable products and designs for your
fashion store. 
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