Contract: Sustainable Forniture

Are you an architect, project manager, or designer? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, marketing manager, or buyer?

Perhaps you’re an aficionado, interested in sustainability, and you expect your customers to rescue their carbon footprint now and in the coming years?

A recent study shows that 9 out of 10 business leaders believe their consumers will hold them accountable for their environmental impact.

Companies are switching to a more sustainable way of doing things. Even more so, those building and reconstructing their brick and mortars are turning to new materials to make things more eco-friendly.

Keep reading to discover new trends and materials to build a more sustainable store. 

Why Should I Choose Sustainable Materials?

Before we dive into the latest trends, let’s figure out why. Sustainable materials not only make your business more eco-friendly and safe, but they also add value to the building. 

It’s less expensive for the occupants of the building, and they’ll be able to earn more profits.

Let’s give some examples:

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is extremely popular these days. It doesn’t matter if is used for floors or furniture, it increases store sustainability and it looks great at the same time. 

Yes, hardwood floors look great too, but bamboo trees take much less time to grow than other trees. Plus, when you cut bamboo trees down, it’s not usually harmful to the environment. 

Bamboo trees can withstand drought and can thrive in almost any type of soil. Bamboo is durable and versatile, especially strand-woven bamboo.

2. Smart Windows

By 2026, the smart glass window industry is expected to reach $3.75 billion. Smart windows were one of the biggest trends of 2021, and that trend will continue in the next few years. 

Smart glass windows came about because there was a trend in the construction industry to use bigger windows. The bigger windows allowed more light and therefore less electricity was needed inside.

The problem with the bigger windows is that more air gets out and people are using more electricity on heat or air conditioning. 

Smart windows adjust to the optimal level of heat or light that should be allowed inside, depending on the time of day or year. 

Smart windows can save about 30% in energy costs. 

Contract leads you towards a Sustainable Store

The future of sustainability and building material is bright. Business owners and consumers alike understand how important it is. Plus, you won’t need to sacrifice style while saving money.

One way that you can be sure that you are using sustainable materials is to see if they are certified by organizations. Many organizations are dedicated to protecting the environment and conserving resources and can help you find the best products for the earth. 

Contract and FSC Certification for refurbishment

For example, FSC Certification comes from the Forest Stewardship Council. Finding wood furniture and materials that have this certification, you will know that you are using ethically sourced wood from responsibly managed forests.
In fact, FSC certification shows you that these products provide benefits to the environment,
economy, and more. 

Like icon made of wood shaped like shelving furniture. Beautiful design ideal to exhibit objects or products for sale. High quality 3d rendering.

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