Contract, Nespresso Vienna

How could you invite people of Vienna to enter to buy a Nespresso coffee? With a shop that reflects their interest: nature and its beauty.
The store is in fact refurnished by neutral colors and materials that do not invade the others space.
All spaces are well delimited in a soft and balanced way, as it is in nature.
Wood elegantly covers counters and closet walls. When laid on the ground with planks it defines the commercial parts of the shop.
The refreshment areas-where you can order a coffee or where you can sit to enjoy it-are outlined by a bright Venetian floor: spaces then look brighter without being too intrusive to the customer’s eye.
The latter receives light from outside too from large windows put behind the semicircular long sofa or from the oval window on the top, above the coffee bench.
The vertical walls surround the greenest and most sustainable part of the store: the recycling one.
Colors are delicate everywhere except the main wall where you can find and choose all Nespresso capsules: a neat and well distributed spot of many colors that attracts the eye of those who enter and let them remember “Nespresso? What else

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