Contract Maison Margiela

The renovation of the headquarter of the well-known French luxury brand Maison Margiela has been
done on a former school in the 11th arrondissement in Paris.
Its Showroom has been renewed in the famous Avenue Iéna, parallel to the famous Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V.
You can still feel the professional atmosphere of the former school in the offices: the dark wooden
floor contrasts with the white furniture that here gives professionalism and efficiency to the environment.

In the Showroom the white painted furniture is simple, clean shaped and illuminated by LED. Here the
color white helps the large living rooms to become noble and elegant and to defuse the strong-
impact-pattern floor.
And above all white helps to strengthen the brand’s reputation: this color has always distinguished

over the years the concept of Maison Margiela.


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