Boutique Violet: a new concept for a shop dedicated to women in the province of Benevento.

Contract for this specific project developed a custom-made order: it started from the customer’s desire to obtain a minimal store, but at he same time warm and welcoming.

First of all we led him throughout the initial design phase to search for fluid and simple lines, using light materials. The pictures show how the hanging furniture comes down from the ceiling, as it was suspended, with the use of copper-effect painted iron tubes, which support the shelves for wooden accessories. The lighting inside the canyons of the veils creates a punctual effect on the wooden shelves, illuminating the best accessories on display.

There’s a light box with the brand VIOLET placed at the end of the store: it helps creating the idea of brightness and minimalism and at the same time it gives depth to the store. The white marble floor made by gres is another sign of the minimalist style: it gives too a chic look, that is important for a woman who crosses the threshold of a clothing store.


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