We are thrilled to showcase ECLA PALAISEAU II, a testament to Contract SRL’s vision for futuristic and sustainable habitats. With an eye for eco-friendly innovation, our design breathes life into this campus, transforming it into a vibrant community for dynamic learning and creativity. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in every detail, reflecting a perfect …



The essentiality of Piaget’s design is reflected in the minimal lines of the refined upholstery. Fine materials are used in the creation of an arrangement in which products shine in glass niches. In this poetic essence of design, Contract SRL is proud to have played an integral role as the General Interior Contractor. With a …

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Diesel Farm

In this interior and exterior design project, the vision of Renzo Rosso and the Diesel brand is embodied through the use of raw materials and the integration of furnishings with natural elements, creating an informal and relaxed space.We’re proud to announce that Contract SRL played a pivotal role as the General Interior Contractor in this …

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Bottega Veneta San Diego

The design layout of the Bottega Veneta project is a testament to the harmonious blend of sinuous lines and premium materials. Central to its luxurious appeal is the solid Canaletto American walnut wood, enhanced by three-dimensional craftsmanship. Paired seamlessly with curved glass, it bears witness to the meticulous artisanal expertise that has gone into its …

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Contract’s commitment to environmental sustainability

At Contract SRL, our commitment to environmental sustainability is unwavering. We’re proud to announce our recent shift to solar energy with the installation of solar panels on our premises. Moreover, our choice of eco-friendly raw materials and the decision to collaborate with local artisans (km0) ensures a reduced carbon footprint. Join us in our journey …

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ECLA Villejuif

We are thrilled to announce one of our 2023 undertaking, the ECLA Villejuif Campus project. This vibrant campus stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to contribute in creating spaces that are not only functional and innovative but also foster an engaging community environment. At Contract Srl, we’re deeply committed to environmental sustainability, which …

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The Art of Sustainability: How Artisans and 0-km Suppliers Pave the Way for Ecological Transition

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of interior general contracting, it’s easy to get swept up in the allure of the new and the novel. But at Contract SRL, we believe in a different kind of innovation – one that blends the contemporary with the timeless and marries the aesthetics of design with the ethos of …

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